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Who We Are

Ross Caputi is the curator and creator of A People's History of Fallujah Digital Archive. Ross is a former U.S. Marine who fought in the second siege of Fallujah. The destruction he witnessed there led him to leave the Marines and join the antiwar movement. Today he is a PhD student of history at UMass, a coauthor of The Sacking of Fallujah: A People's History (2019), and a co-founder of the Islah Reparations Project.

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Hajer Zead Nowaf was born and raised in Al Anbar, Iraq. She holds a Bachelors degree in English from Al Anbar University and she has experience in peace building and work with many organizations and volunteers teams on gender-based violence. Hajar is a collaborator and content creator on the People's History of Fallujah project. She is currently working with a content creation team to bring stories from Fallujah to an American audience.

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