Samira Alani

Dr. Samira Alaani was born and raised in Fallujah. At the time of the invasion in 2003, she was working as Chief of the Pediatrics Department at the Fallujah hospital. Following the sieges of 2004, Dr. Alaani oversaw the collection of data on birth defects occurring at the hospital. This informal data log, consisting only of the entries made on her shifts, would later become vital to attracting Western attention and support. Many births went unreported, and a formal register, although still imperfect, was not created until 2009. In addition to her work in the Pediatrics department, she has taken on a newly created position as Head of the Department of Congenital Malformation. Dr. Alaani also coordinates with aid organizations, organizes media interviews, conducts research, and publishes papers in medical journals.