Muhamad Al-Darraji

Muhamad Tareq Al-Darraji was born and raised in Fallujah, the youngest of five children CA8DB6DA-3863-4A01-B6E4-0292E29A2B82in his family. In 2003 he was a 31 year old graduate student working towards a Doctorate in Biotechnology at the University of Baghdad. Al-Darraji was uninterested in politics in his youth. His adolescent ambition was to earn a science degree and put his knowledge to agricultural purposes. But after the 2003 invasion, he became active in the political resistance in

Fallujah, and he would eventually become one of the city’s leading human rights activists. In 2003 he became Executive Director of Study Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, that same year he was appointed to the Fallujah City Council. And he would go on to found and direct two other human rights organizations: the Monitoring Net of Human Rights in Iraq and the Conservation Center of Environment and Reserves in Fallujah. 

In 2015 al-Darraji published the book Fallujah’ Secrets and Nuremberg’ Barrier. And throughout his career as a human rights advocate, he has published numerous reports. Some of them are listed below: